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The iHelpdesk? What if Steve Jobs Built Help Desk Software

October 7, 2011 1 comment

iPod. iPhone. iPad. iHelpdesk Software???? What??? Well…what if???

It would likely be a highly intuitive, user friendly platform that provided “just enough” of the basics required to run the business— call tracking, alerting, knowledgebase, self service — without convoluting the experience for the technicians or end users.

Just like all Apple products, elegance and art combined gracefully with technology, feature and functionality. Jobs was able to strike the perfect balance of usability, expectation and performance. Which is why Apple products simply rock. And why the iHelpdesk would reflect Jobs genius in providing “just enough” and not ‘too muchy’ — but to get the software done just right and strike that perfect balance between form and function.

Throw out the fancy mobile, social, and other ‘bell and whistle’ perks, buttons, levers, dials, radio buttons, and integration fudge that hallmarks our more ‘modern day’ help desk software. Just provide a simple, elegant software platform that does one thing, and one thing well — enable staff to quickly and easily satisfy the end user. Period.

Now, if Jobs got around to doing help desk software, well, who knows where the industry would be today. Perhaps the iHelpdesk will one day happen. It may not be Jobs that provides it…but that’s okay.  Steve has given us enough.

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