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Now It’s Desktops To The Cloud! Impact on the Help Desk

It’s getting very cloudy out there. And it’s not just the East coast weather these days. For the world of IT and the help desk, it’s still all about “the cloud”. And now there are new platforms and technologies that go beyond simply storing and sharing your documents and data in the cloud realm. Now you can manage your entire desktop in the cloud, which ultimately will help to usher in the new age of “dumb terminals” — drone clients that do little except provide end users a view to the cloud realm.

So what does this mean for the help desk in terms of providing end user support? How will cloud-based desktops change the requirements and stress on help desk staff and resource? One could argue that, with hosted desktop solutions, the help desk should see some (much needed) relief. On the other hand, users will still have many of the common issues they have today — lost passwords, vpn issues, and general tech issues with devices, etc. And the whole BYOD thing…well…this is a whole other story. Kind of. Now instead of  “Bring Your Own Device” it will be “Bring Your Own Desktop”.

See the article below from NetworkWorld, where they review 5 desktop cloud solutions. Enjoy.

Excerpt from NetworkWorld’s write-up:

Consider desktops in the cloud for BYOD

Five DaaS vendors deliver Windows desktops to any end user device

Desktop-as-a-Service is an interesting way for IT execs to provide cloud-based Windows desktop sessions, as well as shared resources such as storage. DaaS can help companies roll out new desktops and support Bring Your Own Device policies.

5 desktops in the cloud

DaaS or Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) providers offer a pristine, policy-controlled session (either persistent or ad hoc) that can be accessed by a wide variety of devices. If you have an iPad3 and a Bluetooth keyboard, you’re in. Mac? You’re in. An old and wheezing Windows XP patched-to-death machine? You’re in. The machine used to access a DaaS session is largely irrelevant to the session’s use, which can be for standard “office” functions, or as part of an application-specific setup.

The products we tested ranged from simple to comprehensive. All of the DaaS service providers in our test — Desktone, dinCloud, ICC Global Hosting, Applications2u, and Nivio — used a Citrix infrastructure to provide desktop sessions. But each of them arrived at their product offering from a different perspective, and sometimes, with a different attitude.

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  1. Jamie C.
    June 6, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Hey, great post! I saw that write up a few weeks ago and was a little disappointed that Leostream Desktops (leostreamdesktops.com) was not included. They offer turn-key cloud desktops, built on Amazon EC2, at a much more competitive rate than the DaaS providers listed. I highly suggest checking them out 🙂

  2. August 14, 2012 at 3:35 am

    I’m not much into reading, but somehow I got to read many articles in your webpage.

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