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Customer Service Quiz – Help Desk Software Best Practices – From

February 24, 2011 2 comments

Customer Service Quiz from the Help Desk Coach & for your IT Help Desk:

How user friendly is your help desk? The well respected help desk delivers highest levels of customer satisfaction and while handling calls efficiently. The help desk professionals interact effectively with users to minimize frustration, understand the problem, communicate a solution, and educate the customer.

Evaluate your help desk’s effectiveness and proactivity in dealing with customers.

Rate your help desk on the following customer service issues:

1.  Are your tech support agents generally able to resolve issues in one call?

2.  Are your tech support professionals able to guide the customer tactfully and efficiently from frustration to problem solving mode?

3.  When your users have unrealistic expectations, are your help desk analysts able to tactfully reset expectations?

4.  Are your users more likely to first consult a self help knowledge base or FAQ list after being prompted to do so by tech support?

5.  When delivering desktop support, do your techs briefly check for potential problems before leaving user site?

6. When resolving a problem, do your agents recognize the teachable moment
when the user is most receptive to learn how to help themselves next time?

Get the rest of the quiz — along with scoring and results – at!


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