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Just What is Help Desk Software?

January 2, 2013 3 comments

What is Help Desk Software?

This write-up provides an overview of today’s modern help desk software features and requirements. Included below are links to valuable service desk resources and software downloads.

Help desk or service desk software works to automate the service management and support function. Typical support desk purposes include helping users retrieve lost passwords, helping customers troubleshoot product issues, assisting employees with hardware and software technical problems, and more. There are number of service and support solutions available that offer rich and robust functionality for optimizing the help desk management process. Common service desk application features include:

  • Incident, problem and request management: This covers one of the main facets of service automation softare — to assist end users and customers in troubleshooting hardware, software, product, and other technical or operational/process related issues (including, of course, lost passwords). Good help desk software will include rich capabilities for service desk staff to troubleshoot, diagnose and solve issues quickly and effectively. More robust software will enable end users to solve issues for themselves, without the help of the support staff (which is a big plus for help desk operations).
  • Self-service capabilites via the Web and mobile: More traditional help desk implementations were client/server based and forced the end user or customer to contact the support desk directly for problem solving and general questions. Today’s modern help desk managment solutions are built with accessibility and mobility in mind, taking advantage of more sophisticated and secure web and mobile technologies — a.k.a SaaS, the “cloud”. Hosted service desk packages make it easier for client sites to implement, while rich web-based interfaces and mobile accessibility apps empower help desk staff, users and customers to troubleshoot issues no matter where they are. Self-service capabilities work to reduce help desk stress and dependency, making for a more efficient and proactive support staff. This leads to higher satisfaction levels across the board – staff, users, and customers.
  • Service level agreement management: Key to maintaining an effective help desk (as well as client relationship) is understanding the measures, goals, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that govern the process. Service desk software equipped with SLA management capability helps ensure a more effective process and delivery of support servies. Degradation in service delivery can be costly, damaging, and difficult to recover from. When evaluating software, make sure it includes provisions for SLA management.
  • Knowledge management: A subset of the incident/problem management, knowledge management capability ensures the support desk is not only provisioned with pre-defined problem/resolution “pairs” (to answer the more basic and predictable questions expediently), but also has the ability to “learn” in a sort of “cognitive” fashion. The “smarter” the help desk software in terms of “self learning”, the more effectively the software can help automate end user and customer problem resolution without the need for service desk staff to intervene. On the flip side, making problem resolution data readily available to the support desk staff ensures the quickest and most effective help desk ticket resolution possible. When evaluating software, rich knowledge managment capabilities – including the ability to define problem resolution sets, rules and knowledge trees – will ensure peak satisfaction and service delivery efficiency.

Other key service desk software features:

  • IT asset management
  • Change management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Customer relationship management

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Be an ITIL Help Desk Hero! A Free Help Desk Software White Paper

Understand and implement ITIL Service Support without shedding blood! World class help desk software should provide complete support and integration for ITIL best practices.

The ITIL Heroes Handbook – compliments of ManageEngine — gives you a quick backgrounder on ITIL basics and dives deep into ITIL Service Support with examples drawn from real-world customers. It packs some action; you get to implement a Service Desk to understand how easy it is.

Oh, and we almost forgot — the comic approach taken here keeps you awake while you are trying to read all this stuff!

Here’s an excerpt:

The goal of this white paper is to help you understand ITIL in the right spirit without getting lost in thebuzzwords. Just to keep you on your feet, I’ll start with ITIL basics but focus more on ITIL implementation. Don’t worry if you are just getting started with ITIL, It is written simple enough for anyone with a basic understanding of IT.

Most ITIL solutions in the market are too complicated. Let’s take an example where a customer wants to implement an ITIL solution. First, customers have to get ITIL consulting to define ITIL processes and align it with business goals. The next task is to buy ITIL software; most ITIL solutions offer incident, problem, and change management as different modules. Even after choosing the software it takes months for product consultants to implement the process. The cost and time factor to implement an ITIL solution drives SMBs away.

Download the full white paper here! (It’s free! Just complete the very, very brief form)

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Free Help Desk Whitepaper: When Reality Hits ITIL

March 19, 2011 3 comments

Is implementing ITIL really simple? It’s easy to hear about ITIL from a consultant, blog or ITIL course, but the hardest part comes while implementing ITIL processes in a real help desk environment.

This free white paper is intended to help IT managers self assess their help desk and its maturity level in order to implement the right ITIL process at the right time.

Oh, and we almost forgot — the comic approach taken here keeps you awake while you are trying to read all this stuff! Enjoy!

Here’s a sneak preview! To download the complete white paper, visit now!

Is implementing ITIL really simple? It is easy to hear about ITIL
from a consultant or read from a blog or even attend an ITIL
course, but the hardest part comes while implementing those
processes in an environment. Not all processes end up being

Each and every organization is different; they vary
with people, processes, environment, type of support they
provide, help desk and much more. It is very important to
implement them at the right time; also, the help desk should be
matured enough to handle the process, or else there is every
chance that the whole attempt would end up in a disaster. Things
which have worked for one help desk will not necessarily work
for another. This white paper is intended to help the IT managers
to self assess their help desk and its maturity level in order to
implement the right process at the right time.

As you all know, ITIL is about good practices; it gives you the varied learnings of
other IT peers from over the years. ITIL is like a messenger bringing those good
practice messages to you, and by implementing it incorrectly you are just shooting it,
ending up blaming the consultants or ITIL concepts. So ask these questions before
you implement the process.

Can my team handle that process?

Is this process a necessity or luxury?

What benefit does that process add to the help desk and so on?

Download the complete white paper now!

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